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In 2003, we were lucky enough to be able to purchase the building that would house Crooked Timber Books. We had come to live in the western Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia in 2002. We purchased a historic home located on the main street of Digby, Nova Scotia, overlooking the Annapolis Basin, part of the Bay of Fundy, a body of water noted for having the largest tides in the world. We spent most of 2003 and 2004 converting the home into what was to become Crooked Timber Books. We opened our bookstore on July 4, 2004. The home still retains many of its original structural features, and is, in itself, worth viewing. Crooked Timber has about 17,000 books for sale on its shelves. We have another 40,000 partially inventoried books in storage. Our stock is generalist, but we do have significant holdings in Irish literature and history, Jewish studies, American and British literature, economics and mysteries. We have an on-going interest in expanding our holdings of maritime books and in particular books about Nova Scotia.

In addition to books, we have a changing assortment of postcards, handmade note cards by local artists, some local folk art, vinyl and glass records, books on tape, some old maps, African masks, stuffed animals (mainly Gund), scarves (mainly silk), an extensive collection of VHS movies (still in the process of being catalogued), vintage jewelry along with locally made bead necklaces, and other interesting things. Our knitting area with specialty yams and knitting supplies, including our extensive collection of vintage knitting and crochet patterns, is still a work in progress.

Crooked Timber Books also offers the following services: (1) we search for, order books and research books; (2) we appraise collections; (3) we do editing of manuscripts; (4) we run writing workshops for other businesses and government; and (5) we offer tutorials to assist students in improving their writing and reading skills.

A brief history
We have been in the book business since 1978 as The Book Pedlar, Ltd. At that time, we issued catalogues and sold books through the mail. Unfortunately, after several years of catalogues, we found that the time involved in producing attractive catalogues and the ever-increasing postal costs involved in large mailings made this a less than perfect way to sell books.
We put the book selling portion of the business on hold, devoted ourselves to academic careers in English literature and fisheries economics, but continued to acquire collections in anticipation of opening a bookstore. In the process, we accumulated about 60,000 books.
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Located in the heart of the Town of Digby, Nova Scotia.
Our hours are from Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.
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Traveling from the Hwy: Direct Route (East or West) Take Hwy 101 to exit 26, follow 303 into Warwick St through to Montague Row (L) onto Water St.
Traveling from the NB to Digby Ferry: Direct Route Take Shore Rd to Raquette Rd to Carleton St (L) to Birch St (R) through to Water St

Crooked Timber Books
A Division of the Book Pedlar Ltd
P.O. Box 2170 - 17 Water Street Digby, NS B0V 1A0
Telephone 902.245.1283 - Fax 902.245.4489
E-mail crookedtimber@ns.aliantzinc.ca



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